Florida Gator Percy Harvin finds a hole for a touchdown in the 65-5 win over
Kentucky during the Homecoming game at The Swamp in Gainesville.

Gators defensive back Joe Haden forces
a Wildcat runner out of bounds for a short
gain. The Gator defense kept Kentucky
out of the end zone in the 65-5 beating
in Gainesville.

Gator quarterback Tim Tebow completes a short pass over
the menacing rush of Kentucky's Jeremy Jarman. The Gator
Nation offense mauled the Wildcat offense 65-5.

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow completes a screenpass
in the 65-5 domination of the Kentucky Wildcats during
Homecoming at The Swamp. Tebow would throw two
touchdown passes and run for two more.

Wildcat player not listed on the roster is forced
out of bounds by Gator defenders. It was close
as Kentucky would get to the end zone, but
no touchdown.

Florida Gators gang tackle Kentucky wide receiver
DeMoreo Ford. The Gator Nation crushed the
Wildcats 65-5 before 90,500 fans at The Swamp.
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