Braving a steady, cold rain, 23
swimmers completed the 10K
Marathon Swim at the SY
Canoeing Rowing Park. Two
men did not finish.

Olympic flame burns brightly in an
overcast sky at the Bird's Nest dur-
ing the 2008 games in Beijing.

Fellow countrymen and rescue swim-
mers carefully watch Chinese swim-
mer Xin Tong who finished last 18
minutes behind the gold medal winner.

Maarten van der Weidjen on Holland
holds onto his lead in the 10K Swim-
ming Marathon north of Beijing at the
2008 Olympics. Right behind him is
David Davies of Great Britain, who
would go on to win the silver medal.

Jongjohor Somjit of Thailand lands a punch
on Andris Hernandez Laffita of Cuba. Somjit
won the gold medal in the flyweight class
Aug. 23, 2008 with an 8-2 decision. Seven
Olympic gold medal boxing matches were
held at the Workers Gymnasium in Beijing.

James Degale of Great Britain
dodges a punch from Cuba's Emilio
Correa Bayeaux Degale won the
gold medal in the middleweight
division by a 16-14 decision.