Maverick DeShawn Stevenson shoots one of his three baskets out of five shots from the field for six points. A day late and a dollar short is the Heat's Mario Chalmers.

Despite no Heat defense in sight, Maverick Jose Barea misses one of two jump shots in the first half. He would shoot 7 of 12 in the field with 15 points including one three-pointer.

The Mavs' Jose Barea gets a jump shot over Heat forward Dwyane Wade.

With five minutes left in the second quarter Shawn Marion drives in for the dunk as Miami's Three Queens can only watch.

LeBron James drives in for a lay-up over top of Maverick Dirk Nowitsky.

Mario Chalmers drives in for the lay-up in the first quarter with no Mavericks in sight.

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