The Heat would win their second NBA Championship in overtime 103-100.

LeBron James makes driving lay-up to put the Heat ahead by three points in the fourth quarter with less than five minutes on the clock.

Dwyane Wade, after an assist from Chris Bosh, sticks a two-point jump shot in the second quarter to give the Heat a 36-30 lead. He was 8 for 17 in Game 6 with 14 points.

LeBron James challenges Tony Parker just before the ball was stolen with 47 seconds to play.

Heat Center Chris Bosh scores a two-point jumper in the first quarter. Bosh was five for 13 with 10 points on the night and 11 rebounds.

Dwyane Wade sinks a two-pointer in the third quarter to bring the Heat to 10 points down.

San Antonio's Tim Duncan slam-dunks with an assist from Tony Parker. Despite Duncan's 30 points, the Heat would live to fight again in Game 7.

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