LeBron James drives toward Tim Duncan in the third quarter. James was credited with 11 assists.

LeBron James misses a 25-foot three-pointer. He was one for five from three-point land.

LeBron James misses this eight-footer as the Heat lead the Spurs 101-100 with less than a minute to go in overtime.

Dwyane Wade misses a four-foot jumper in the third quarter. He was the Heat's third highest scorer in Game 6 with 14 points. Wade was only 40 percent from the floor in Game 6.

LeBron makes the first of two free throws to end the third quarter with the Heat down 75-65 to the Spurs.

Spurs Center Boris Daiw plows into the Heat's Mike Mille, who takes the cold shoulder as Dwyane Wade says, "Boys. Be nice. Don't fight."

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