No one rained on the parade of Russia's Sergey Kirdyapkin as he wins the gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Race Walk. Russians would place first, fifth and sixth.

Demonstrating silver medal form is Australian Jared Tallent who would finish the 2012 Olympic race walk with a time of 3:36:53 just 54 hundredths of a second in a photo finish.

China's Tianfeng Si wins the bronze medal with a time of 3:37:16 just 23 hundredths of a second behind the silver medal winner.

Yim of Korea still holds a slim lead over Joyce of Ireland in one of several legs of the 50k race through central London.

Dominic King of Great Britain with the resolve of steel refuses to give up as he finishes 51st in last place, but ahead of four race walkers who did not finish and eight were DQed.

Morioka of Japan would finish tenth place while Emerson Hernandez of Argentina would finish 27th in the 2012 Olympic 50k race walk in London.