Igor Erohkin and Sergey Bakulin of Russia would finish fifth and sixth respectively. Yohann Dinizof France would be disqualified for illegal strides.

Keeping a stiff upper lip as he passes the home of the British Queen is France's Moulnet. Four walkers did not finish and eight were disqualified for illegal strides.

John Nunn of the U.S. finished 43rd in just over four hours -- 73 seconds ahead of his personal best. Nunn's day job is an Army Staff Sergeant.

Maciej Risiewicz of Georgia, on his way to a 44th place finish, leads of Marius Cocioran of Romania, who would finish 39th.

Zhao from China holds his nose to avoid the stench in front of Buckingham Palace in London. He would finish last of the three Chinese race walkers.

The elegant Buckingham Palace was just part of the backdrop for the 2012 50k Olympic Race Walk on the wide avenues of central London.