37 Exposures Of China: One airplane, two 1,000-mile train rides, subways, buses, taxis,
rickshaws and 100 miles walking during two weeks from Beijing to Xi'an to Shanghai and back.

Various sections of the Great Wall of China are
open to the public.

The Great Wall of China.

The "Water Cube" provides a dazzling light show
at night in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics.

With the help of German engineers,
The Chinese government has rest-
ored the Montanyu section of the
Great Wall to its original splendor.

Two Chinese Army commandos
stand guard near the National Sta-
dium. Notice the solider on the left
carrying the clips for the Chinese
assault rifle.

The Garden of Serenity is a peaceful
retreat at the Summer Palace in

Built from 1406 to 1420, the Imperial
Palace in Beijing now known as the
Forbidden City, is host to most
impressive architecture and statues.