Four archers stand at the ready to
protect the tomb of the emperor out-
side Xi'an. Their distinctive helmets
indicate their duty in the army.

More than 2,000 terracotta warriors
of an estimated 7,000 have been un-
earthed outside Xi'an. They were set
up to guard the entrance to the em-
peror's mausoleum.

A bizarre twist to an otherwise bland
apartment building in Beijing. The
cutout units offer a more than 180
degree view south toward the
Forbidden City.

Ornate stonework fills the grounds
inside the Forbidden City in Beijing.
A 50-foot moat and 30-foot wall sur-
rounds the 1,000 building complex
that was closed for hundreds of
years to commoners.

Muslim man poses for a portrait
along the Muslim Snack Street in
Xi'an. The city of seven million
is a center of higher education
in China.

Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of
China offers spectacular views of the
restored sections without hordes of