Tens of thousands of visitors from all
over China each year make the
sojourn to visit the Summer Palace
outside Beijing. It is a national park
of sorts.

Chinese people frequently pose for
photos giving the vee for victory sign.

Chinese regular army soldier guards
the entrance to the Forbidden City,
whose 8,700 rooms take up 720,000
square meters.

This statue dedicated to common
folk in Kunshan comes complete
with the polished bronze penis of
the little boy. Located just 30
minutes west of Shanghai by
bullet train, Kunshan is a medium-
sized city of 700,000 people where
laptop computers are manufactured.

Next to the entrance of the Jinamao
Observatory 88 stands the recently
opened tallest building in Shanghai.

The one sure thing in China is
change. Permanently in a state of flux,
the skyline of Shanghai is constantly
evolving, tearing down the old to
bring in the new.