Wilson Kiprotich from Kenya would finish with a bronze medal in the 2012 mens marathon at 2:09:37 -- a full 70 seconds behind the silver medal winner.

Marilson Dos Santos of Brasil would finish fifth in the 2012 London Olympics marathon with a time of 2:11:10

Stephen Mokoka of South Africa would finish 49th with a time of 2:19:52

Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya would finish 17th with a time of 2:14:49. Trying to catch up is Yared Asmerom from Eritrea.

Ruggero Pertile of Italy would finish 10th as he is shadowed by Abdellatif Meftah of France who would not finish the mens marathon along the River Thames during the last day of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Dimitriy Safronov from Russia finished the men's marathon in 23rd place with a time of 2:16:04