Marius Ionescu from Romania barrels up the hill in pursuit of his 26th place finish. Behind him is Victor Rothlin of Switzerland who would finish in 11th place in the mens marathon.

Ionescu and Rothlin pick up the pace as Ser-Od Bat-Ochir from Mongolia takes the inside track on the way to a 51st place finish in the mens marathon.

Oleksander Sitkovskyy from Ukraine runs his own race on the way to a 12th place finish with a time of 2:12:56

Daniel Vargas of Mexico, who finished 39th, stays ahead of South Africa's Coolboy Ngamole who would not finish the Men's Marathon on the last day of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Vladimir Putin look-alike from Russia, Grigorty Andreev, runs from the pursuing pack on his way to a 37th place at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Hope his performance was good enough for him to return safely back to his home.

Dino Sefir of Ethiopia glides his way down the streets of London during the 2012 Olympics Men's Marathon. Sefir would not finish.