Guor Marial, from Sudan and running for the Olympic Independant Athletes, would finish in 47th place.

Mike Tebulo from Malawi, who would finish in 44th place, leads Samson Ramadhani, who would finish in 66th place running for Tanzania in the 2012 Olympic Men's Marathon.

Juan Carlo Cardona of Colombia had a time of 2:40:13 at the 2012 Men's Marathon.

Jinhyeok Jeong from South Korea finishes the 2012 Olympic Men's Marathon in 82nd place with a time of 2:38:45

Cardona of Colombia would finish 83rd, third from last, but ahead of 20 runners who did not finish.

Sinkweon Jang of Korea slows for the water hand-off toward the end of the 2012 Men's Olympic Marathon on the River Thames in London.

Jang takes the hand-off on his way to a 73rd place for South Korea on the last day of the 2012 Olympics in London.